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Florida Passess Data Center Sales Tax Exemption

June, 2017

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed legislation that includes a sales tax exemption for data centers. The exemption, which goes into effect on July 1, 2017, is Florida’s first official tool to attract data center investment. The exemption eliminates sales tax and use tax for data centers, infrastructure, equipment, personal property, and electricity.

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BP Oil Spill Money Headed to Northwest Florida

June, 2017

On June 5, Governor Rick Scott signed HB 7077 and HB 7079 making $300 million immediately available to benefit communities in Northwest Florida and help ensure their continued economic growth. These bills make changes to the administration of the money recovered from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill through Triumph Gulf Coast Inc., and create the Triumph Gulf Coast Trust Fund within the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Governor Scott said, “I’m proud to sign this legislation today which immediately makes $300 million available to benefit communities in the Panhandle and help ensure their continued economic growth. In 2010, our beautiful beaches were devastated by the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. While the surrounding communities have worked hard to recover, this funding will allow them to make critical local investments and continue our efforts to market the state. I’d like to thank the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the Northwest Florida legislators for their hard work on this legislation.”

Senator George Gainer said, “I want to thank Governor Scott for signing this good bill for North Florida. The Panhandle will now get the money they deserve for the damage that was done by the Deepwater Horizon spill seven years ago. This bill will make a significant impact in the counties damaged by this disaster and will make sure the funds are distributed equitably and transparently.”

Representative Jay Trumbull said, “Thank you Governor Scott for signing this important piece of legislation today. The hardworking residents of the Panhandle will finally get what they deserve for the damage done by the devastating Deepwater Horizon spill seven years ago. These funds will help our businesses continue to grow and attract visitors from around the world to our beautiful coast.”

Senator Doug Broxson said, “I’d like to thank Governor Scott for signing this legislation today. The Panhandle can now recover from the BP oil spill. We can now further our efforts to rebuild the economy and bring more tourists to Florida and communities will be able to create special projects to enhance their economic opportunities for growth in their region.”

Kim Wilmes, President & CEO of Florida’s Great Northwest, also shared in the positive outpour from local representatives. “Governor Scott’s signature on the Triumph Gulf Coast legislation ushers in a new era for Northwest Florida, one in which the region can be transformed by new jobs and new opportunities for everyone. From this point forward, the area can truly begin putting the BP oil spill in the past and move forward to a brighter future.”

To view the transmittal letter, click HERE.